Columbian Exchange WebQuest

What is the Columbian Exchange? The voyages of Christopher Columbus and those that followed launched a period of large-scale contact between societies of Europe and of the Americas. The arrival of colonists and their interaction with Native Americans led to sweeping cultural changes in both societies. Over time, contact between the two groups led to the widespread exchange of plants, animals, and disease. Historians call this global transfer the Columbian Exchange.

Today's Lesson Essential Question: How did the Columbian Exchange affect Africans, Europeans, and Native Americans? Who benefited the most and why?

Your Task: Through primary source analysis, you will be anaylzing the impact of the Columbian Exchange on Africans, Europeans, and Native Americans. You will be evaluating who benefited most from trade and the exchange of different cultures.

Process: The links below will take you to two different sets of primary source documents ranging from charts and statistics to letters and news articles. Each page has its own set of corresponding questions. You may choose to work individually or in pairs. Action items are in red.
How do you submit your work? You may type and print your responses or you may write them on loose-leaf. Only one set of responses needs to be submitted per pair.

Link 1: Humans Crossing the Atlantic

Link 2: Impact on Native American Population