Timeframe: 1 class period
Groups: 1 or 2

Instructions: Using your notes and the text provided, create an annotated timeline showing the events of the French Revolution. Your timeline should begin with the meeting of the Estates-General and end with the Congress of Vienna. All vocabulary listed on LEQ4 of your student learning map should be included. This will serve as your study guide for tomorrow’s quiz.

You will be using the Read-Write-Think Interactive Timeline Maker to help you with this assignment.

After logging on to the website, you will be asked for the following information:
  • Title: (French Revolution Timeline)
  • By: (your name here)
  • Unit of Measure: (select dates)

When you’re ready to print, please select the vertical option.

A few things to keep in mind:
  • You are only allowed 200 characters in the description field for each event. You may find it challenging to include all the details in this limited amount of space. Use your words wisely and efficiently.
  • The only record saved is the copy you print. Because technology sometimes fails, I suggest typing your events into a Word document and saving to the student shared drive periodically. You can then quickly copy and paste the events into the timeline maker.